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Smile Makeover

A camera comes out... what do you do?
Smile widely? Or hide instinctively?

When performing your daily brush...
Do you wish you could change the appearance of your teeth?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to take the first step.

Absolutely Dental currently provides a FREE smile makeover consultation

During the smile makeover consultation – we ask all the important questions, “What is it you are looking to change?” “What don’t you like about your smile?”

After listening to your concerns, we then perform an assessment of your teeth. From there, we can plan out the course of action together.

What options are available to improve your smile?
There are varying opportunities for improvement – it all depends on your individual needs, budget and goals.

If replacing missing teeth - we may look at dentures, dental implants or dental bridges. Don’t worry if you are uncertain of the technical terms or what may be best – we are here to explain it all to you, so feel free to ask as many questions as possible.

Alternatively, it may be the colour of your natural teeth that bother you. If so – we can look at teeth whitening, or if you require something more advanced - possibly porcelain crowns or veneers.

Are price estimates given prior to treatment?
We will not start ANY treatment before giving an estimate of cost. Once we have an end goal in mind after your assessment, we can provide itemised prices for your treatment.

If you are after just a ball park figure in your original consultation, we can certainly provide this also.

Are you ready to take the first step in your complimentary consultation? 
Phone 07 4723 8100 to book your free smile makeover consult today or book online here.