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Our Technology

At Absolutely Dental we like to embrace new and proven technology. Our technology allows us to deliver a premium service to our patients at the maximum convenience and increase the health and longevity of your teeth.
STA - wand

All our dentist numb teeth using the STA wand.  These machines deliver the local anaesthetic extremely slowly and at a steady pressure so your injections are virtually pain free

Digital X-rays

Lower radiation
Can be emailed
Easily printed


Our dentists wear special operating glasses which magnify your teeth up to 5 times. This allows us to detect decay and cracks at an early stage when they can be treated or monitored more easily. It also allows us to prepare teeth more precisely so that more tooth substance is preserved and there is less stress on the tooth. Used in conjunction with our powerful light sources we can explore every area of your mouth.

Operating microscope

This is used in some situations where dental loupe glasses are not quite powerful enough. It is excellent for finding the tiny canals in the tooth during root canal treatment or for detecting fractures in the body of the tooth so that appropriate measures can be taken.

Cerec Cad Cam scanning camera & 3D milling machine

The camera allows us to scan your mouth and create a 3D computer model of your teeth and any that have been prepared and register how they meet together. This means no need for messy impressions and no temporary restorations.

The one step crown or onlay process is kinder to the tooth so there is less chance of sensitivity after treatment. With the Cerec system we can make ceramic crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays in one visit. As the design is done chair side we can involve the patient in the shape and design and allow us to custom shade and feature matching. Cerec restorations are extremely strong and match the tooth.

The Cerec can be used in conjunction with our 3D scanning X-ray to create surgical guides which help in the safe and precise placement of implants.
The scanning camera can also be used to generate a 3D computer model of your teeth which can then be emailed to other professionals for opinions and advice and orthodontic appliances.

Cone beam and Ortho-pantomograph (OPG) radiograph

This allows us to take a full mouth X-ray which helps us to assess wisdom teeth position, find old infections and unerupted teeth, assess bone levels to monitor gum disease, and to view other structure of the mouth and airway which might reveal other problems. It also has the capacity to take a 3D cone beam (CT) scan to better assess certain areas. This is especially useful when assessing wisdom teeth and how close they are to the main nerve in the lower jaw. Also to assess bone levels and planning for implants to be placed.

Sleep monitor

This take-home device, similar to a watch, allows us to assess your sleep phase pattern, breathing, position, snoring, heart rate and oxygenation to be measured within the comfort of your own home.

It can help detect and monitor serious snoring issues so we can improve the snoring problem. It is integral in detecting sleep apnoea which seriously impacts the health of the sufferer in many ways. It also indicates whether an upper airway restriction might be present which can lead to sleep disordered breathing and affect the general health and well-being of the patient as well as impacting on general health.

It is a great tool to help us look at your total health and well-being and issues that might be effecting them.


Using your own blood and our special separation system we can help preserve bone after extractions, help the healing process, reduce pain, and create membrane barriers for bone grafting.

We can even separate out your own stem cells. These can then be used for facial aesthetics to stimulate collagen growth, improve skin volume, reduce lines and wrinkles, make your own dermal filler and even regenerate hair.