If you ask a group of people whether they are afraid of going to the dentist, more than half will answer yes... so you are not alone!

Dentistry has definitely changed!

If you are anxious or worried about seeing a dentist because you haven't been to one for a long time, then I congratulate you!  You are on this website which is the first step to coming in to see us. Rest assured, that you won't be criticised or told off. I understand your anxiety is real and not something to be ignored or made to feel bad about.

If you experience debilitating fear, anxiousness, gagging, or a phobia of dentists from a past experience, we can definitely help.

We offer dental treatment under IV sedation, which means you're put to sleep, in the chair at our Lakes practice. Previously we sent patients to the hospital to be put completely under, with a general anesthetic. Whilst this is still a great option for some patients, we've found that the IV sedation is safe, very effective and can save a lot of time and money.

Does pain worry you? 

Modern dentistry has evolved to become very comfortable. While I can't promise it will be pain-free, I can tell you that lots of my patients are amazed at how comfortable they were during their appointment. In fact, some fall asleep and we need to remind them to keep their mouth open. I also had a very nervous lady that asked me when I was going to give her the needle after it was already done! Also, we can prescribe some medications to help alleviate your anxiety.

Are you embarrassed?

You may be worried that you'll feel embarrassed by what we find about your teeth. We will listen to you without criticising or judging. There is no need to feel embarrassed about not having treatment done or ignoring some problems.

Are you worried about the cost? 

We aim to provide the right kind of dentistry for you in your present situation. We will never try to pressure you into something you do not want or is not within your budget and will provide written estimates of treatment. We can assist with setting up payment plans, which are a very simple process. And unlike other dentists, we don't charge for helping with paperwork if you decide  to access your Superannuation

If you haven't been to the dentist in a while and you live in the Townsville region, please book an appointment with us at Absolutely Dental. We are here to help and alleviate your fear. Remember, try not to leave problems until they are too late or painful. Read the importance of having regular appointments for more information.