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Magic Wand Anaesthetic System

Happy... healthy... friendly... anaesthetic?

Just doesn’t sound right...

How about virtually painless? You probably won’t even feel a thing? Fear of anaesthetic administration GONE.

Old 1853 technology out (the year the syringe was invented). 2012 wand technology in.

Introducing the truly magical WAND anaesthetic system.

Slow... steady... gentle... makes for happy teeth, healthy relaxation and friendly patients.

So slow it actually numbs itself as it administers... No pain. No fear.

The wand’s magic is in the little known fact of what causes injection pain. It is usually the result of the person administering the injection being too quick in firing the anaesthetic. The wand or CompuDent/STA system removes this aspect by having a computer control the steady, slow nature of the injection.

What can you expect?

The handpiece itself looks as about as threatening as a ball point pen and operated in a similar manner.

As the administering uses a slow, steady technique, the only thing you will notice that is different to traditional anaesthetics is that it takes a bit longer and doesn’t sting! Not one bit!

Contact us on 07 4723 8100 about having the wand system used at your next dental appointment. No fear of needles or dentists ever again!