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Meet Our Patients


Denise was very happy with her new composite veneers done by Dr Lindsay. 2hrs later, she was a different woman! Keep smiling.


Toni received a complete smile makeover from Dr Noy, there was joyful tears from Toni and us girls as Toni got her beautiful smile back. Rewarding moments like these is why we love changing lives. 


Everyone is talking about Dr Noy's smile transformations on patients. Here again Dr Noy performed more of his magic on Wendy, who now has her smile back!


Wishing our great patient Ellie a fantastic wedding!


Feeling the love this week. Linda is one of two patients this week who were so happy with their treatment from Dr Lindsay that they just had to give her a kiss! We love seeing our patients this happy with our work.


Julie is still rocking her smile makeover 1 year on and still smiling. It's really humbling when someone moves interstate and still comes back for their dental visits.


Gail is very happy with her new smile makeover. . No more dentures and done with a combination of fixed dental bridgework and same day veneers with our cerec unit. She'll be smiling at her daughter’s wedding! It's great to really change someone's life.


Joanne braved the storm from Ingham to Townsville just to see her favourite dentist Dr Beth!  Enjoy your cruise Joanne.


We have been seeing Merv for the last 5 years. Still smiling and always a pleasure to treat.


Malcolm joined us late December 2016 and has already made an impact. An all round amazing bloke and quick with a laugh. Malcolm completed his treatment with Dr Noy and feels fantastic. Loves his smile and what a smile to love!


Dr Bethan was excited to see one of her lovely Patient's Cass, for her 6 monthly Dental Health Visit. See you in 6 months, Cass!


Alma has been a patient of mine for the last 17 years back when I was still a wet behind the ears dentist. Thanks for always bringing a smile to the team.


Susan had a smile enhancement yesterday with direct composite resin restorations. 90mins later she looked like a different woman. Back for round 2 today. Can't stop her smiling now.


Always great to see Barb smiling after her Dental health Visit.


Stephen is one of our regular patients. For the last few years, he has been struggling with MS but can still manage a smile for us.


Jackie came in yesterday with a broken 6 year old crown. She recalls it taking 3 weeks last time with 3 appoints. Using our same day crown technology, it was completed within a couple hours. She also said it looked much better than the previous one.


Would you believe this photo was taken straight after a root canal treatment. Cerrie reported no pain even including the anaesthetic. Cerrie and Derek own and work in their hairdressing Business at Moon Salon. Great service and open 24/7.


Rhonda is still super happy with her smile makeover 1 year on. She reports higher confidence then before having her teeth fixed.


Vicki is one our long term patients. She is thrilled with the dental implant and crown we completed for her today and reported almost no pain with the procedure and follow up. The worst bit for her was the discomfort after the extraction rather than the implant.


Sandra is really happy with her new smile.


Saying good luck and goodbye to our beautiful patient Nicola. It's amazing how one patient can have such a lovely impact on our practice.


This is Jon. He's delighted he was able to get his two crowns done in just one appointment today. Thanks to our amazing Cerec system we can make crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, and bridges, if appropriate, in just one visit. No messy mouth moulds, no temporary crowns and most importantly no waiting. Strong, tooth-coloured ceramic restorations in a couple of hours!


Craig Arthur is very happy with his maintenance hygiene visit. Craig is a partner for Wizard of Ads. Contact him for your companies marketing needs. We have been using his services for the last 5 years!


Wayne was super excited to finally get his implant crowns. He was telling how horrible wearing a denture was during the process.


Tim is happy with his new smile!


Nerida is happy with her crown done with the CEREC machine in 90mins today!


Lindsay is happy with her new smile with Cfast!


Andrea is very happy with her new smile!


Meet Graham. Graham came embarrassed to smile and it was really affecting his life and relationships. He is now smiling again and has a new lease on life.


Julie is really happy with her new tooth and smile! Julie was very nervous and hesitant when she first came to Absolutely Dental but we have shown her what an amazing practice we are!