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Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

What is the CDBS and is your child eligible?

Early preventative dental health and education is so important for young children. We, as parents, understand how important good oral habits can affect, not only our children's oral health, but overall health for years to come.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a dental benefits program for eligible children ages 0-17. It provides up to $1052 in benefits to the child over a 2 calendar year period that can be used to pay for:

  •  Regular dental check-ups and cleans
  • Xrays
  • Fillings
  • Root canals
  • Extractions
  • Other basic dental services 

It doesn't cover specialist services like orthodontics, cosmetic dental work or dental services in a hospital.

The CDBS is serviced by Services Australia, so if you receive Family Tax Benefit Part A from Centrelink or another social security payment, your child may be eligible. This means that when you come to see us, your appointment can be bulk billed as long as you are within your $1052 per child allowance.

If you're unsure about eligibility, please call us - all we need is your Medicare number and we can check your child's eligibility and any remaining balance.

We love seeing kids! We have two specific themed kids rooms fitted with Netflix they can watch whilst in the chair and three amazing Oral Health Therapists to make your little one's visit as comfortable and fun as possible.

Ask us about when our next Tooth Fairy Day is, where your child can write a letter and post it to the Tooth Fairy and enter some cool competitions.

Call us on 07 4723 8100 to see if your child is eligible today.