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Facial Aesthetics

Facial Treatments

As dentists we have a comprehensive knowledge of the structure and development of the face and underlying bony structures and soft tissues. We have an intricate knowledge of the skin, muscles, nerves and blood vessels and how they effect the movement of the face. We understand the processes that cause ageing and deterioration of the face and methods to reverse these processes to get the best prevention and rejuvenation

Skincare Products

Good ongoing skincare is paramount to keep the skin functioning, performing and appearing its best and slow the ageing process.

Our fabulous range of products help to cleanse, hydrate and  rebuild the skin and even skin tone

Botulinum Toxin type A (aka Botox)

relaxes the muscles that can be the cause of some lines. It can soften or even erase lines which have already started to show and can be used to prevent or slow the descent of the skin with age.

Dermal Filler

This is a gel made from hyaluronic acid which is natural found in your body.

It adds volume in areas where collagen and fat have been lost with age, can enhance lips and cheeks, and fill lines and hollows created by the ageing process.

Collagen Induction Therapy

Otherwise know as 'The Vampire Facial' made famous by Kim Kardasian. This technique boosts the skin's own ability to recreate collagen, elastin and blood supply. Used in conjunction with volumising gel or concentrated growth factors (CGF) processed from your own blood sample, we can ramp up the effect to the maximum.

Scar Reduction Therapy

Using a very similar technique as collagen induction therapy we can reduce scarring from acne and surgical damage.

Chemical Peels

We have a range of chemical peels to improve skin condition, pigmentation and texture. These range from very mild which give a great exfoliating or clarifying effect, to stronger peels for more profound resurfacing. A series of peels can achieve results similar to laser therapy.


A very relaxing and effective treatment to deeply cleans and exfoliate the skin and increase cell turnover for optimal appearance.  Your skin will be left glowing and ready to wow. Combines with a relaxing treatment mask you will knock their socks off. A one off treatment will look fabulous but regular treatments ensure your skin looks it's best all year round.

Facial Thread Treatment

This treatment  uses very fine barbed surgical sutures to 'lift and stick' skin which has lost volume and has started to slump. Excellent for the jowel area. Used in conjunction with collagen induction therapy, Botox and dermal fillers an amazing rejuvenation can be achieved.

Our treatments are designed to take a global approach to address your issues and the processes that have lead then. A combination of treatments might be ideal and packages to suit can be tailored for your needs.