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Why we need to replace missing teeth - By Dr Mark Wu

20th August 2021

When a tooth is lost, not only we are losing chewing power but also the neighbouring teeth will suffer from losing a teammate.

Consequences of leaving a gap behind

The funny fact about our teeth is that they will move until they find a stable position. When all teeth are present, they work well as a team. However, when one tooth is missing, the adjacent teeth will tip towards that gap and the opposing one will grow longer. Over time, a number of problems can occur to these teeth for such as dental decay and gum disease. By the time you want to fix these problems and replace that missing tooth, it takes a more complex treatment option.


These pictures are the of same patients. On the left, a top tooth was removed 2 weeks and adjacent teeth are parallel to each other. On the right, the bottom tooth was taken out 2 years ago and we can clearly see the tooth behind the gap had tipped forwards and the one above has grown down and exposed its root.

So, don’t leave a missing tooth unreplaced. Discuss with your dentist about the gap between teeth.

Replacement options to consider

Here at Absolutely Dental, we offer a full range of replacement options to suit your needs including dental implants, bridges and dentures.
Dental implants are the most natural way to replace missing teeth. The implant is placed into the jaw bone during a small procedure. A few months later, it’ll be fused with the bone. Then a tooth can be built on top of the dental implant.

Options to replace a missing tooth or meeting teeth are:

  • Bridge is an artificial tooth that is held by the adjacent teeth.
  • Denture is a set of artificial teeth that sits on top of your gum to replace a number of missing teeth.

To discuss your situation and explore different options, please give us a call on 07 4723 8100 for a consultation.

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