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7 Great Tips for Reducing Your Sugar Intake Over The Holidays

22nd December 2021


You may be aware that sugars contribute to tooth decay as well as many other health problems but what can we do to minimise sugars in our diet?

Soft Drinks1. Cut out the sugary drinks

Many popular drinks are packed full of sugars. By limiting your intake of these beverages, you may significantly reduce your sugar consumption.

Muesli Bars2. Be careful with “healthy” processed snacks and foods

It is important to be aware that many snacks which are marketed as “healthy” options can contain the same, if not more, sugar than some of their “unhealthy” rivals. Snacks such as muesli bars, dried fruits, and fruit drinks/juice poppers can be examples of this.

Breakfast Cereal3. Stay away from sugary breakfast foods

Breakfast cereals are often among the worst foods for sneaking in added sugars. Options such as oats, eggs, or plain yoghurt can be great for avoiding a sugary breakfast.

Food Nutrition Labels4. Learn to read labels

Many food companies do their best to sneak sugar into their foods. For this reason, it is important to learn to read food labels to identify hidden sugars. Look to avoid foods which have sugars listed among the first ingredients in the ingredients list – the ingredients must be listed in descending order by weight, meaning the higher the ingredient is up on the list, the higher the content of that ingredient in the food.

Sour Worm Lollies5. Don’t keep sugary snacks in the house

An easy way to avoid snacking on sugary foods is to simply not keep foods you have identified as high in sugar in the house.

Grocery Store6. Don’t shop when you’re hungry

We are more prone to picking sugary snacks when we are hungry so another easy way to avoid consuming excess sugary food is to avoid shopping when you are hungry.

Cat Sleeping7. Get a good night's sleep

As well as being essential to your general health and wellbeing, getting enough sleep also helps you avoid cravings for sugary snacks. Lack of sleep causes people to favour high-calorie snacks which are often high in salts and sugars. A good night's rest can help us avoid such cravings.

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