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Why dentistry requires a team? - By Dr Dinesh Singham

7th December 2019

I noticed last week that the Townsville Bulletin put up a poll asking for nominations as to the best dentist and where they work. My immediate response was wow! They really don’t get understand the industry.

So I replied ‘ TBH, dentistry is a team effort. We dentists are useless without our dental assistants and admin staff. They are the unsung heroes of the industry.’

And it’s so true! Dentistry is not a product you can buy off the shelf. You can’t just say, I want two fillings and an implant and pay over the counter and get the same thing no matter where you go.

As dentists, we are super reliant on our staff, equipment and technology to deliver dental services. Put the ‘best’ dentist in a horrible working environment and the patient will not have a great experience, or in fact the best work from that dentist. Because the dentist will not be relaxed, will have to worry about every aspect of the patient experience and so when it comes to critical aspects of the work that requires the dentists full attention, they will not be at 100% mental capacity.

At Absolutely Dental, I really rely upon my staff to deliver the wow to the patients. They do most of the ground work so I’m able to focus 100% on my job to fix the patients teeth without having to worry about others doing their job properly. It’s been shown by studies the more you are distracted by little things, the more your brain function is impaired. Also, if the patient is super stressed, then we as clinicians feel that and it affects our work.

That’s why we spend so much time on team training and relaxing our patients, so we as dentists can perform at our best to deliver the best dentistry we can. Having a calming workspace that doesn’t look like a dental surgery, playing calming music, burning essential oils to reduce the smell, using the dental wands to reduce the pain of an injection. It’s all the little things that add up that make the ‘dentist’ seem like a rockstar performer. Without our team and working environment, we are turtles on our backs struggling to do the simple things.

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