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Microscope Dentistry

Dr Dinesh Singham utilises a Dental Operating Microscope for a majority of his dental work since 2009.

What benefits does the Microscope provide for our patients?

The microscope magnifies your teeth and soft tissue between 3x and 20x. This combined with the tremendous amount of light provided, allows for much more precision in treatment and earlier diagnosis to occur. Earlier diagnosis of problems allows for more minimal intervention as problems become apparent sooner compared to traditional vision. It is also possible to photograph through the microscope so you can see exactly what the dentist is seeing. See the benefits of using the operating microscope during Root canal treatment here.

After all, "you can't treat what you can't see". Now, Dr Dinesh Singham can see a lot better!

Our other dentists use surgical loupes which are magnifying lenses attached to the glasses. These allow magnification of up to four times and allow much more precise diagnosis and treatment as the naked eye as everything looks so much bigger!