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Little humans and their dental journey - By Karen Ward

14th February 2019

So… write a blog they said... it’s easy they said... well here goes and be kind and read it for me... thankyou.

Hi I am to write a blog for this month and make it short but informative... here we go... 

My name is Karen Ward and I am working at Absolutely Dental in the kids’ department, looking after the dental needs of the lovely little people in your life, your children, whom we love with all of our being... it is the love month after all!

I just want to touch on those beautiful cherubs who require more tailored attention because they lean towards the autism spectrum.

Here at our practice we strive to make their first visit as easy as possible, so we ask that you inform us of their needs to make that initial visit as easy as possible i.e. we ask that you inform us if they are sensitive to noise, smell, tastes, touch etc.

We shall provide you with a "story " sheet that can be emailed to establish familiarity before the visit that we ask you to read and discuss at home prior to their visit to us.

The story consists of a series of photos and dialogue that show our journey through the practice, from the outside of the building, to the reception, flowing on to the inside of the surgery to the person they will be seeing, their rooms and layout to what instruments that are used... like a show and tell!

This becomes a familiar journey for those beautiful little humans and eases the path for their dental journey! Time is such a great investment, so small steps lead to great outcomes!

We look forward to meeting you and yours in the near future...

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