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In-Chair Whitening - By Dr Dinesh Singham

25th February 2019

Short version: I wouldn’t recommend a particular whitening procedure without first trying it out myself. My teeth were pretty white to start with but I had a significant whitening change using Pola Office + and minor sensitivity that night. It involved 3 x 8min treatments in the chair so its claim that it’s the fastest in-surgery whitening system seems justified. I highly recommend the system and give it the Dinesh Singham seal of approval. 

Longer version

Disclaimer: This was my experience only. Individual results may vary. 

We previously hadn’t offered in-chair whitening at Absolutely Dental for two main reasons. 

Firstly, we didn’t have the space and secondly, my previous experiences with it resulted in pretty sensitive teeth for myself and my patients. 

Now that we have the space, I’ve researched the different brands. 

The one that caught my eye was Pola Office +. It claims to have a gentler formulation to reduce sensitivity. This was important for me as some previous whitening sessions resulted in some pretty horrendous sensitivity for myself. 

It also claimed to be the fastest professional whitening system on the market with the whitening session consisting of 3 x 8min applications. This seemed a better deal than the 1hr sessions most other brands have. Finally, it’s an Australian owned brand so the money stays in the country. 

It was with some trepidation that I approached my whitening session but if I’m going to recommend a cosmetic treatment, I’m going to experience it myself first. 

Much to my delight the whole procedure was quite comfortable. Lip retractors protected them from the whitening solution and a gum barrier was placed above my teeth to protect them as well (A very important step and one I wouldn’t want to skip)

During the session, I kept waiting for the dreaded tooth sensitivity to start while the solution was on my teeth. But again, I was pleasantly surprised that this didn’t happen. 

Straight afterwards, there was a noticeable difference. We took before and after photos with our quality Canon DSLR camera with all the settings and lighting kept the same. Apart from cropping, no Photoshop or altering of photos was done. While I appreciate some of the colour change is due to dehydration of the teeth during the procedure, the whitening effect has been maintained afterwards following rehydration of my teeth. I am using their take home whitening applicator and using it every to get the most out of the whitening experience. 

Sensitivity can be an issue after whitening but Pola Office + claims to have special agents in it that are aimed at reducing post op discomfort. I won’t lie and say I was pain free afterwards. I did experience a 1/10 discomfort that afternoon and night with 5 episodes of ‘zinging’ of a couple of teeth. I popped a couple of Nurofen more as a preventative measure that night and woke up with my teeth feeling back to normal the next morning. 

I can honestly say that Pola Office + exceeded my expectations. 

Would I do it again? 

Absolutely. It has the Dinesh Singham seal of approval earnt through personal experience. 

We now have a range of whitening products to suit all budgets starting at $100. As with most things, the price is based on the results. So don’t expect the same results from a cheaper option compared to our premium in-surgery Pola Office + system.

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