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General Anaesthetics - by Dr Nicole Mickan

18th July 2019

Our team at Absolutely Dental understand that your dental visit can cause high levels of anxiety, and for some patients, the very thought of undergoing dental treatment can feel overwhelming. Unfortunately, this fear prevents patients from attending the dentist to receive the treatment often required to improve their oral health. Sadly, the longer the patient delays receiving dental care, the greater the issues become to manage.

I am passionate about providing dental care that promotes optimal dental health, helping patients achieve beautiful and healthy smiles. For this reason, Absolutely Dental offers Sleep Dentistry procedures.

Sleep Dentistry, in the way of general anaesthetic, is carried by myself at the Mater Hospital under the specialist management of an Anaesthetist and his team of highly trained anaesthetic nurses.

The vast majority of patients whom under general anaesthetic to perform their dental treatment include paediatrics, special needs (including those unable to physically or intellectually receive treatment in the chair), patients undergoing a significant level of treatment including multiple extractions, patients with limited mouth opening or severe gag reflexes, and dental phobias. Gone are the days you need to sit through a traumatising dental experience.

If you feel sleep dentistry may be ideal for you to get your dental health back on track, please call our helpful staff today to book a consultation with me. At this consultation, I will conduct a thorough examination (if possible) and discuss with you the various ways to manage your dental fears. I will help you to decide which technique is most suited to your needs, with anxiety being managed with gentle chair-side manner, oral sedation or general anaesthetics.

Although I carry out General Anaesthetics treatment at the Mater Hospital Day Surgery, you do not require private health to be suitable for this modality of care. Most patients are admitted as day only patients and typically discharged within 2 hours of their procedure. Our helpful staff will arrange a time for you to sit with our bookings team who will guide you through all the information you need to arrange your procedure.

Sleep dentistry offers patients benefits, such as:

  • Avoiding psychological trauma for your child. If a significant level of treatment is required, sleep dentistry may be an ideal technique to prevent your child from developing Dental anxiety in the first place.
  • Avoids gag and lengthy periods holding mouth wide open, especially for patients with limited mouth opening or jaw dysfunction.
  • Sleeping through. Patients sleep through their entire dental procedure, unaware of the sight, smell, and sounds, easing fear, anxiety, and avoiding the creation of traumatic memories and images.
  • Comfort. Patients are avoid discomfort often associated with long and complex procedures.
  • Time efficiency. Patients can often have all required dental treatment completed in one session rather than multiple visits to the dentist, meaning less down-time from work, school, and family duties.
  • Safety comes first. Patients can rest assure that their procedure is being managed with specialised equipment and staff at the Mater Hospital, enabling Dr Nicole to focus on what she does best, providing optimal dental care to you.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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