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Humm Interest Free Payment Plans

Who is humm?

Humm helps everyday Australians Buy Now Pay Later. Our payment plans are great value because humm customers pay no interest, ever.

Who can humm?

You just need to tick these boxes:

  • Live in Australia
  • Be at least 18yo
  • Be legally allowed to sign a binding agreement
  • Have a valid email address and mobile number
  • Own an Australian debit or credit card

What is a humm Payment Plan?

This is the ongoing amount you repay on each purchase – for both ‘Big things’ and ‘Little things’. For ‘Big things’ an initial deposit will be taken in store. For ‘Little things’ your deposit is taken as an upfront payment in your humm account. And remember, you’ll have no interest to pay.

With no interest, are the fees high?

No, they’re not. When you buy a ‘Big thing’ you’ll pay an establishment fee of $35 to $90 – depending on the amount you’re spending. Then you’ll pay $8 a month. For full details read your continuing credit Payment Plan agreement.

When you buy a ‘Little thing’, there are no fees if you choose to repay it back over 2.5 months. If you choose to pay over 5 months, you’ll pay $8 a month.

You will only ever pay a single $8 monthly fee regardless of the number of ongoing ‘Big things’ or ‘Little things’ Payment Plans you have.

Can I make more than one purchase?

With ‘Little things’ you can make as many purchases as long as you stay within your limit. As you spend your available spend decreases. Of course, as you repay your available spend is replenished. For ‘Big things’, your available spend can also be replenished. Just note a Repeat Purchase fee of $22 is payable on additional purchases.

What do I do if I can’t make a payment?

Contact us immediately on 1800 088 151. We will try to find a solution that works for you. If, however, you are in default under your Payment Plan Agreement, humm may take action to recover any amounts outstanding. Unfortunately, additional fees and charges may also be payable.

Can I pay my amount early?

You’re welcome to pay your outstanding balance at any time – just include any fees. To find your payout figure write to us via the details on Get in touch. Your account will remain open but no fees will be charged unless you make another purchase.

How it all breaks down.

Little things


Big things

Time to pay 5 x fortnight 10 x fortnight 6 - 60 months
Monthly fee - $8 $8
Establishment fee - - $35 - $90
Repeat purchase fee - - $22
Late payment fee $6 $6 $6

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