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Dr Nicole’s Introduction Blog

I’m Dr Nicole; a mother of two gorgeous boys and I’ve lived in and enjoyed the north Queensland lifestyle for the past 18 years. I love spending time in the outdoors, I enjoy the beach, fishing and value my health, exercise and keeping fit.

I also undeniably appreciative great tasting food! I delight in exploring new recipes and sharing my dishes with friends and family. If you have an outstanding restaurant tip or recipe I would love for you to share it with me when you’re in…. I could chat food and gourmet delights all day!

I feel very blessed to be a dentist. The ability to remove someone’s pain when they have a raging tooth ache, or to create a new smile that brings confidence to one’s life again is a wonderful gift I feel privileged to share with my patients. I also thoroughly enjoy treating children and special needs. Since 2015 I have provided treatment to patients in all facets of dentistry under general anaesthetic; which is a fantastic option if dental anxiety has kept you from undergoing the treatment you’ve needed in the past. While I enjoy all fields of dentistry, smile make-over and giving someone that confidence to smile again are perhaps the most rewarding experiences I’ve shared. For some it’s re-joining the work-force or starting a new job, for others it’s the pride to walk their daughter down the isle, to create wedding photos they will cherish forever, to feel proud and confident to smile at their children’s important milestones or memorable events, and for others they simply desire so greatly the appearance of a healthy youthful smile. Whatever be one’s reason, these are exciting journeys I adore sharing with my patients.

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