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Concentrated Growth factors (CGF) and Reducing Post Surgical Discomfort and promoting Healing

31st July 2017

Short answer

The Use of CGF in oral surgery (extractions, implants, gum surgery etc) has been shown to reduce post-operative pain, inflammation and infections. In short, it will allow you to heal like a “teenager”. It can also be used for facial aesthetics to rejuvenate the skin boost collagen and elastin and reduce facial lines and wrinkles.

What is CGF?

Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF)  is formed from the processing of a patient’s blood in a special centrifuge to form a Platelets Concentrate or Platelets gel. This gel or concentrate contains several active substances such as platelets, thrombocytes, cytokines, leukocytes and antibodies which enhance the healing process. And since its your own blood products, its completely accepted by the body.

Applications of CGF
  1. Post tooth extraction – A CGF gel can be made and placed into the newly created socket and sutured in place. It has been found to reduce postoperative pain and risk of infection and “dry sockets”.
  2. Implants and bone regeneration – CGF can be mixed with various bone substitute materials to enhance healing in these areas
  3. Soft tissue (gum) surgery – Various graft materials can be soaked in CGF concentrate to promote healing and reducing pain.
  4. Facial Aesthetics – CGF serum can be used conjunction with other procedures to rejuvenate the skin and reduce facial wrinkles and folds.
How it is made

Blood is drawn from the arm into the appropriate vacu- tubes depending on the application required. It is then immediately processed in our centrifuge which takes 12 mins after which the CGF serum and gels are separated from the useless Red blood cells and used as required.

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