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Dental Anxiety by Dr Nicole

16th February 2021


Hi I’m Dr Nicole and I wanted to take some time to let everyone know that here, at Absolutely Dental, we not only offer a high standard of care in a comfortable environment, but we also have options to complete your appointment with the aid of anti-anxiety medications, or under general anaesthetic at the Mater Hospital. While we get a lot of hugs of appreciation for changing people’s lives….. we also hear every day ( many times each day), just how “scary” the dentist is.

We understand dental anxiety is a real thing, and to many it is simply debilitating. For mild cases of dental fear, a caring gentle manner and our numbing wand may suffice your concerns, for those that don’t like the sounds we have headphones and a choice of Netflix programs for your appointment. We have a massage chair while you wait, our team are beautiful and caring, and we even have a comfort menu so you can let us know how we can make your appointment more comfortable for you.

Further to that, for young children, dental phobics, or for patients whom are physically or intellectually unable to complete treatment in the dental chair, we offer General Anaesthetic.


Anti anxiety medication involves your dentist prescribing anti-anxiety medication to help calm and relax you. You will need someone to drive you to and collect you from your appointment, and it helps fade those fears and relax your body and mind enabling yourself to sit through treatment in a nurturing cared for environment. Anti-anxiety medication is an option for most adults, and enables you to be treated in the dental chair at one of our Absolutely Dental practices. 

General Anaesthetic is when the patient has all treatment conducted while they sleep…. waking having had your work completed! It is available to almost all patients and for a while range of treatments. It can be a great idea for children who need extensive work done or multiple teeth extracted, to avoid the initiation of dental anxiety in the first place. It is also very commonly elected for fit and well patients who simple fear treatment in the chair or do not want to endure extensive time in the chair while awake and aware of what is happening. I also treat special needs, including patients intellectually or physically unable to be treated otherwise. 

Everyone is entitled to receive the dental treatment they need, and deserve. If fear is holding you back from having a healthy, functional, and/or socially confident pain free smile….

Come and see Dr. Nicole today or give us a call and book a consultation today to discuss your anxiety management options. 
Make an appointment online or phone (07) 4723 8100 to book your dental health visit today!

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