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Cosmetic filling or ceramic veneer, which one is for me? - by Dr Mark Wu

8th October 2019

Ever dreamt about having a Hollywood smile? Well, we’ve got good news for you. If your teeth are generally healthy and in good positions, the beautiful and white smile you’ve always wanted is easy to achieve. Here at Absolutely Dental, our friendly and experienced team can help you get the smile that suits your needs and personality. Let’s explore two main options – cosmetic filling and ceramic veneer.

Cosmetic filling

Unlike other fillings that are placed in teeth with a cavity, cosmetic fillings are placed on healthy front teeth to make them white and beautiful. With the latest filling material, we can match the colours of fillings to your natural teeth as well as shape them to look as life-like as possible, so that no one can tell them apart from other teeth. The benefits of cosmetic fillings include only a single visit is required and they are more affordable than ceramic veneers. They are also easy to repair to fix later on, if a repair is needed. However, it is a short- or medium-term solution because they are not as strong as ceramic veneers.


Ceramic veneer

The ceramic veneer is a ceramic shell bonded on top of natural teeth that modifies the colour and shape of the tooth to the best cosmetic result possible. The veneer is made outside the mouth to achieve the most ideal colour and form. In the first visit, the teeth are prepared and you’ll get a set of temporary veneers while waiting for the final one being made. Once they’re finished, you come back for a second visit to have them bonded on teeth permanently. Because they are made of very strong material the veneers will hold on well for a long term. It is more expensive than the cosmetic filling however if you are aiming for best result for the long term, this is for you.

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